We are located at 30480 Lakeshore Blvd (Create A Space). Local delivery is available choose “ship” in checkout.

About Us

Truly Rooted Ginger began in 2020 at a local pop-up event as the pandemic transpired, we gave out free ginger shots with hopes of keeping the attendees safe. People loved it; it was truly a hit! We chose ginger because it is known for its healing properties and its fun and spicy. People began asking for more and we delivered!

As we expanded Truly Rooted Ginger Juice became Truly Rooted Juicery. We've added a menu of juices and we plan to gradually add other healing products to the menu as well.

We have invested in the best commercial juicer (Goodnatures' M1), which maximizes nutrient distraction, extends the shelf life, and ultimately produces the highest quality juice. 

 At Truly Rooted Juicery we aim to help heal the community naturally with creations provided to us by nature!